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ILM Coaching and Mentoring Qualifications

ILM Level 5 Qualifications

Type: ILM
Level: Level 5
Qualification: Certificate
Title: Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring - 1 Year Course
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ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring 



Price £1,895

Virtual course with plenty of personal support and learning resources. Webinars, coaching triads and an extensive library

Suitable for beginners to coaching as well as experienced coaches - we adapt our support to your needs.

Pay a deposit of £350 plus 10 Direct Debit instalments or pay everything in one go - start straight away.


Key features: start any time, unlimited tutorial support, AC student membership, free coaching books and coaching cards, access to extensive on-line learning resources and instalment payment plans on application. Free webinars and access to a library of around 200 hours of webinar recordings.

  • Start any time 
  • FREE coaching books - choice of paperback or Kindle format
  • Plenty of learning materials, such as tools, templates, articles and journals
  • MOD approval pending - use Enhanced Learning Credits
  • 1 year to complete
  • Start preparing for individual accreditation with the EMCC at Practitioner level
  • Diploma in NLP Coaching is included (T&Cs apply)
  • 2 hours of supervision is included, with an experienced coach supervisor
  • Access to Coaching at Work magazine on line (read only) for 1 year
  • No hidden costs


"Clare has been absolutely fantastic, forever patient, a trusted and reliable guide. I will forever be grateful for her belief in me to complete this course, when I was seriously doubting myself at times. Clare is a model coach and a great tutor. I have learned a skill that I thought I would never have. I have a very thorough understanding of coaching and all it’s attributes, but also a good understanding and confidence of where and how to find out an awful lot more about things. The programme was probably a lot more involved and time consuming that I had anticipated, but thoroughly fulfilling and satisfying to complete." Ben, January 2021

"Your coaching webinars are fantastic and really helped me to get back to the essence of coaching. Following on from my experience within the online coaching industry (I think it should be renamed as online marketing industry ??) I questioned my skills, my passion for it and the purpose of coaching, but your work and sessions helped me to get back to the heart of why I was passionate about it in the first place and reminded me of the power of real/true coaching ?."  Nina, August 2020

"Thank you again for all the resources. I must say I’m really impressed already by resources on this course and most particularly by the level of your personal support." Liz, October 2020


How quickly can I complete?

You can complete the qualification as quickly as you like - take an accelerated pathway and complete your qualification in just a few weeks (coaching hours permitting), or take longer if you prefer. You are in control of timescales and we can support you. 


ILM coaching and mentoring training courses

We offer ILM training courses in coaching and mentoring as on line distance learning. We also regularly run open enrolment courses for individuals as well as bespoke ILM courses to support companies and organisations. These are suitable for any level of experience. Our courses can be with or without accreditation. So if you would like us to create custom ILM training courses in coaching and mentoring please get in touch with us. You will get a prompt response with impartial and knowledgeable advice.


"Thank you for delivering a fantastic, engaging enlightening, no nonsense and thought provoking 2 day workshop. I honestly mean it. I thought it was excellent.  In terms of a learning experience I couldn't fault it. The pacing, content, tone and environment you created was so conducive to learning. I learnt SO much and equally as important I have been inspired to want to learn more. You made me feel comfortable outside my comfort zone!! It was great to be with such lovely and interesting people as well. Thank you"  Richard, May 2019


Summary of the ILM Level 5 Certificate

Complete three mandatory units to achieve 16 credits:

  • Unit 8588-500 - Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching and Mentoring within an Organisational Context - 6 credits
  • Unit 8588-501 - Undertaking Effective Coaching or Mentoring within an Organisational Context - 5 credits. Complete 18 hours of coaching with two or three people. You will also need to arrange 2 hours of coaching supervision with an experienced coach supervisor. We can help you with this (additional costs apply) or you can work with an external supervisor. 
  • Unit 8588-503 - Reviewing Own Ability as a Coach or Mentor within an Organisational Context  - 5 credits


ILM qualifications gained via distance learning with i2L













Reasons to gain your ILM coaching & mentoring qualifications by distance learning with inspired2learn:

  1. Receive expert tutorial and coaching supervision from a qualified, experienced and practising coach an supervisor
  2. Receive prompt and expert tutorial support every step of the way, via telephone, e-mail, Zoom or Teams.
  3. A dedicated named tutor from our team who is there to guide and advise you (* terms apply)
  4. A reputable route to accreditation for both beginners and experienced coaches and mentors 
  5. Choose the exact ILM qualification that is right for you, and personalise your approach to learning
  6. The flexibility of choosing your own course timescale to fit in with your other commitments
  7. Competitive prices and instalment payment plans if required
  8. We have a proven track record of success helping people like you to achieve their ILM Coaching & Mentoring qualifications
  9. Flexible study - plenty of on line support materials - no rigid requirement to log in to e-learning at specific times or complete specific tasks - you are free to choose the study methods and timescales that suit you best.


"My initial objective was to improve my people management skills by developing a coaching approach. As a result of becoming more self-aware, I have been able to enhance my skills, manage my judgments and improve my communication and overall performance. I have a clear understanding of the importance of being non-judgmental and not making assumptions. I have stopped trying to be a ‘fixer’ and I have learnt to help my reports / clients to reach their own conclusions and come up with their own decisions and solutions. Learning to coach has improved my own performance and I am able to harvest this learning with the team of line managers who report into me. They in turn are developing a coaching approach. I have used my new coaching approach to enhance their self-awareness and their personal development has increased their levels of confidence and improved their competence as people managers. This has made us a strong Resource Team respected across the organisation. I have used my coaching skills to develop others across our function and this has enabled them to develop their potential and progress their careers. By developing internally, I am able to build a strong succession plan and as a result, we have high levels of job satisfaction and good attrition rates within our function. Understanding the coaching process and using a coaching model has helped me to structure my sessions effectively and I have really benefited through learning to use new tools and techniques e.g. the Values activity has helped my clients with better decision making. Overall, my two years of training as a Coach with i2l has been life changing and it has been so beneficial not only in my work but in my personal life. I have learnt so much about myself in the process and I have become a more understanding person as a result."

Eleanore, August 2021


Alumni and some current ILM students

The brief examples below will give you a picture of the range of backgrounds and careers of our ILM students. All of them are currently coaching managers within their organisations or as independent coaches. Further case studies and examples are available on request.

  • Eva is an independent leadership coach working in a variety of sectors. Whilst studying for her ILM Level 5 Certificate. Eva was a people development manager in a large law firm. She has now gone freelance and runs her own coaching business.
  • Martine is a PGCE programme leader at a University which has a growing internal coaching pool for staff. She is part of a larger cohort of lecturing and support staff who are undertaking their ILM Level 5 qualification. Other people in the group include Robert who is a Mental Health Support Coordinator for University Students and Jonathan who is Head of Technical and Production Services. Karen and Ann are managers of Student Accommodation Services, whilst Pandora is the job shop coordinator.
  • Jan and Anthony are both primary school head teachers.
  • Kira and Penny both work for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.
  • Lisa is a learning consultant and programme lead for leadership development in a global security and aerospace company.
  • Andrew is a Post 16 team manager, whilst Tanya, Clare and Kay are senior social work managers in a Local Authority.
  • Alexandru is a Hungarian national working for a global telecommunications company in Prague.
  • Ben, Cliff, Dave and Kate are all officers (current or recent) in the armed forces (military policy, army and RAF) who are using their ELCAS resettlement to part fund their qualification
  • Giselle and Natalie are both senior leaders in primary schools and are qualifying to coach school managers as part of the CoachMark process
  • Karon is a learning and development consultant in a large law firm. Karon has recently completed the ILM Level 5 Certificate and is coaching extensively within her law firm as well as supporting the implantation of a coaching culture in the L&D strategy. Laura is a senior manager in another large law firm in central London, responsible for the large team of legal secretaries.
  • Mark, Darren, Glen, Paul and Liz are senior police officers balancing their studying with extensive operational duties and varied shift patterns
  • Katherine is a GP and senior partner in a busy and large city practice.


i2L are approved ELCAS learning providersELCAS Funded ILM Qualifications

Use your 'Enhanced Learning Credits' to boost your career. Inspired2learn are proud to be an approved ELCAS supplier assisting HM Forces personnel wanting help with high quality resettlement training and qualifications for career transition into civilian life

View more about ELCAS training courses


Further accreditations - next steps after your ILM level 5

Your ILM Level 5 qualification is a step towards further accreditation with a professional body such as the EMCC or Association for Coaching at practitioner level. Further coaching hours and evidence will be required and depending on your prior experience, this could take some time to achieve. 

We have considered accrediting our courses with a professional body, but have chosen not to do this for these reasons:

  • we feel that this would limit your personal choice about what you might wish to achieve next and with which professional body - there is a wide choice and different approaches suit different people
  • having achieved a qualification, you might not be interested in accreditation and the additional work required - if you are we can explain your options 
  • a significant amount of additional learning time and coaching practice would need to be added to our courses and we aware that many of you chose the ILM qualification as an initial step to professionalise your coaching that is less time consuming and therefore cheaper than other routes - we want to be pragmatic about this for you, whilst still providing a robust and ethical experience in your coaching development 
  • the additional learning time would require a substantial increase in your qualification costs and we want studying with us to be affordable.

Rest assured that we are fully committed to working alongside professional coaching bodies and we are members of both the AC and EMCC. We fully uphold their Global Code of Ethics and promote the work of all the coaching bodies with impartiality. When you study with us you will receive one year of membership with the AC and a 25% discount for individual EMCC membership.


Get in touch

Choose your ILM coaching and mentoring qualifications below or get in touch directly with clare@inspired2learn.co.uk or call i2L on 01380 609313


Our coaching and mentoring qualification clients include:




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Our coaching and mentoring qualification clients include:




Price: £1,895.00(ex VAT)

ILM Level 5 Certificate Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring - 1 Year Course

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