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CMI Management and Leadership Qualifications

CMI Level 3 Principles of Management - supervisory/team leader

Type: CMI
Level: Level 3
Qualification: Award
Title: Principles of Management and Leadership
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CMI Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership


The CMI Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and leadership is suitable for practising or aspiring managers who will supervise or manage a team to achieve clearly defined outcomes. They will set and monitor goals and objectives by providing instruction, direction and guidance.
Day to day operational and project activities are a key part of their role.

The qualifications have been designed for practising or aspiring managers in roles such as:

• Team Leader
• Supervisor
• Project Officer
• Shift Manager
• Foreperson.

The total unit time you gain for the Award can be used towards a top-up to a Level 3 Certificate or straight to a Level 3 Diploma

£500 plus VAT.

Key features: distance learning, unlimited tutorial support, professional recognition, flexible timescales to suit your needs, access to extensive learning resources and instalment payment plans on application.


Complete any combination of units to a minimum of 40 hours TUT - the units currently available with inspired2learn are:

Theme: Foundations for excellence

  • Unit CMI 301 - Principles of management and leadership (68 hours TUT)

Theme: Developing capabilities, delivering results, driving best practice

  • Interpersonal excellence - managing people & developing relationships
  • Unit CMI 302 - Managing a team to achieve results (53 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 303 - Managing individuals to be effective in their role (43 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 304 - Principles of communication in the workplace (42 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 305 - Building stakeholder relationships using effective communication (40 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 306 - Principles of equality, diversity & inclusive working practices (53 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 307 - Developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of teams & individuals (34 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 308 - Managing volunteers (49 hours TUT)
  • Organisational performance - delivering results (day to day activities)
  • Unit CMI 311 - Contributing to the delivery of a project (55 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 312 - Managing daily activities to achieve results (40 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 314 - Managing budgets and resources (50 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 318 - Managing data and information (45 hours TUT)
  • Personal effectiveness - managing self
  • CMI Unit 321 - Managing own personal and professional development (45 hours TUT)

Full details

Download unit details for CMI Level 3 Principles of Management and Leadership

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For advice and guidance

Email your questions to barrie@inspired2learn.co.uk or call +44 (0)1380 609313. 

This qualification can also be delivered as an in house taught programme (minimum of six people) - just get in touch to find out more or request a quote.


Price: £500.00(ex VAT)
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CMI Level 3 Award Principles of Management and Leadership

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