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CMI Professional Consulting Qualifications

CMI Level 5 Professional Consulting

Type: CMI
Level: Level 5
Qualification: Diploma
Title: Professional Consulting
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CMI Level 5 Diploma in Professional Consulting

Institute of Consulting - Professional Consulting qualifications with CMI     CMI-Professional-consulting-qualification

With a more comprehensive structure than the Certificate, our CMI Level 5 Diploma gives you the skills and competencies you'll need to become a professional consultant. Developed in co-operation with the Institute of Consulting (IC).

The Level 5 Diploma is the benchmark qualification to attain full IC membership.

The units available give you the chance to improve your skills in management and leadership as well as coaching and mentoring should they be chosen. Learners must complete all mandatory units to a total of 25 credit and three optional units to a minimum of 18 credits to achieve this qualification.

6 workshop days plus assessment

Price: £3,495 + vat

Next course dates: 

Diploma (Level 5 or 7) - 29/30/31 October 2019, Trowbridge, Wiltshire - must have attended a Certificate course previously, or demonstrate sufficient experience

  • distance learning option is available only for suitably experienced individuals - before agreeing to distance learning, we will ask to review your CV and then carry out an interview, either face-to-face or via Skype. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the consultancy cycle and discuss examples of your consultancy work 
  • HM Forces personnel, use your Enhanced Learning Credits - we are approved with ELCAS

Complete ALL mandatory units from Group A and 3 optional units from Group B to a minimum of 18 credits, to achieve a total minimum of 43 credits:

The six units in red are the units covered on our open courses.

Group A:

  • Unit 5030 - Planning and managing consultancy interventions (8 credits)
  • Unit 5032 - The client relationship (8 credits)
  • Unit 5034 - Problem solving, tools and techniques for consultants (9 credits)

Group B:

  • Unit 5029 - Introduction to consulting essentials (8 credits)
  • Unit 5031 - The role and responsibilities of a consultant (6 credits)
  • Unit 5033 - Communication for consultants (7 credits)
  • Unit 5009 - Project development and control (6 credits)
  • Unit 5017 - Coaching practice and theory (6 credits)
  • Unit 5019 - Management of action learning (6 credits)
  • Unit 6003 - Planning the change process (7 credits)

Full details

Download CMI Level 5 Professional Consulting fact sheet

Download CMI Level 5 Professional Consulting full syllabus

For advice and guidance

Email your questions to barrie@inspired2learn.co.uk or call +44 (0)1380 609313. 


Price: £3,495.00(ex VAT)

CMI Level 5 Diploma Professional Consulting

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