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CMI Management and Leadership Qualifications

CMI Level 5 Qualifications - middle/operational management

Type: CMI
Level: Level 5
Qualification: Certificate
Title: Management and Leadership
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CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership


The CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership qualification is suitable for practising or aspiring managers and leaders who are typically accountable to a senior manager or business owner. The primary role of a practising or aspiring manager and leader is to lead and manage individuals and teams to deliver aims and objectives in line with organisational strategy. Role and responsibilities may also include but are not limited to developing teams and individuals, creating operational plans, planning and managing projects, managing change, managing finance, resources and identifying new approaches to business activities, managing quality and continuous improvement as well as managing the human resources function.

The qualifications have been designed for practising or aspiring managers in roles such as:

- Operations Manager
- Divisional Manager
- Departmental Manager
- Regional Manager
- Specialist Manager.

The total unit time you gain for the Award can be used towards a top-up to a Level 5 Certificate or straight to a Level 5 Diploma

Key features: distance learning, unlimited tutorial support, professional recognition, flexible timescales to suit your needs, access to extensive learning resources and instalment payment plans on application.

£895 plus VAT.


Complete any combination of units to a minimum of 121 hours TUT:

Theme: Foundations for excellence

  • Unit CMI 501 - Principles of management and leadership in an organisational context (62 hours TUT)

Theme: Developing capabilities, delivering results, driving best practice

  • Interpersonal excellence - managing people & developing relationships
  • Unit CMI 502 - Developing, Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success
    NB: There is a barred combination of units – learners taking 502 cannot select 503, 505 or 511 (60 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 503 - Principles of Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success ( 50 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 504 - Managing Performance (50 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 505 - Forming Successful Teams (38 hours TUT)
  • Organisational performance - delivering results (day to day activities)
  • Unit CMI 506 - Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (41 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 507 - Principles of Delivering Coaching and Mentoring (48 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 508 - Principles of Developing a Skilled and Talented Workforce (40 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 509 - Managing Stakeholder Relationships (40 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 510 - Managing Conflict (41 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 511 - Principles of Recruiting, Selecting and Retaining Talent (46 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 512 - Workforce Planning (38 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 513 - Managing Projects to Achieve Results (51 hours TUT)
  • CMI Unit 514 - Managing Change (43 hours TUT)
  • CMI Unit 515 - Creating and Delivering Operational Plans (52 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 516 - Planning, Procuring and Managing Resources (55 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 517 - Principles of Innovation (46 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 518 - Managing risk (53 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 519 - Principles of health and safety in the workplace (56 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 520 - Managing Finance (56 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 521 - Managing Data and Information (50 hours TUT)
  • Unit CMI 522 - Managing the Customer Experience (49 hours TUT)
  • CMI Unit 523 - Principles of Marketing Products and Services (55 hours TUT)
  • CMI Unit 524 - Conducting a Management Project (96 hours TUT)
  • Personal effectiveness - managing self
  • CMI Unit 525 - Using Reflective Practice to Inform Personal and Professional Development (44 hours TUT)

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Price: £895.00(ex VAT)
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CMI Level 5 Certificate Management and Leadership

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