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Archive for May 2021

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What is the difference between leadership and management? If you look at the sheer number of business management and leadership books published each year, you will realise there is much discussion about what the difference is and how to be one over the other.…
What is the best way to offer challenge in coaching and supervision? What does the word 'challenge' actually mean and how does it apply in our work? Read on for a summary of an interesting professional discussion about challenge and what it means to Clare Smale and Emma Ford. …
Can professional education and qualifications help to prepare leaders and managers to deal with crisis points?…
In this article we explore how you might achieve the best professional qualifications to help your career transition. There are two compelling reasons for achieving a professional qualification: (1) Gain a competitive edge in recruitment and selection processes. You will already have great experience from your military career. Now you’ll have the powerful combination of experience AND a qualification. (2) It is a ‘double win’. Firstly it demonstrates your commitment to continuing professional development and learning. This tells recruiters you are a person who seeks to be the best you can be. Secondly it provides credibility and shows you are serious about professionalism.…
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