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CMI Assignments - Pass or Refer?


CMI Assignments - Pass or Refer?

When you are writing assignments for any CMI qualification, it is always useful to think about what the assessor of your assignment will be looking for.

Here is an outline:

Is there some evidence of the assessment criteria and 'command/action' verb being correctly addressed?


If "no" Refer with developmental feedback and clear instruction to resubmit

If "yes" -  Is it sufficient for a pass? 


  • Is there an introduction setting the context (not included in word count)?
  • Is word count recorded and correct? (the assessor will check a random sample)
  • Is there any suspicion of plagiarism/collusion? (if "yes" it will be investigated)
  • Has the work been presented under clear sub-headings related to the assessment criteria
  • Is there an adequate referencing system to sources?
  • Is the referencing linked clearly to the sources in a bibliography?
  • Is the response as much as can be expected within the word count?
  • Are practical examples of management & leadership cited?
    • Student's own practice(s) and/or
    • Practice(s) of others and /or
    • ‘What would do’ type scenarios
  • Has theory been applied to practice?

Has the student responded appropriateley to the 'command/action' verb – e.g.

  • Identify, determine, describe produce, construct, devise – theory less important and maybe not needed
  • Explain, analyse, discuss, examine – application of theory more important
  • Discuss, evaluate, assess – application of theory very important

Not satisfied with one or more considerations - REFER or marginal pass with developmental feedback and                                                                      instruction to resubmit

Satisfied with all considerations  - PASS 

Key points of CMI guidance:

  • If the assessment criteria indicates an answer that is plural, then this means at least two. Where a range is indicated, CMI are looking for at least three. Where the task asks for different numbers, the AC is to be adhered to, not the task. (e.g. AC says describe methods (plural) and task says describe a range of methods) - This advice wouldn’t be needed if some tasks were written better, but they are what they are
  • Plural (e.g. methods) = at least 2
  • Range (e.g. range of methods) = at least 3 – Apologies, my assertion in our team meeting on the meaning of range contradicts this
  • Referencing. Where the Learner uses someone else’s work, they must acknowledge the original source. The Learner does not have to use Harvard referencing.



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