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Yerkes-Dodson Curve


A - Z Coaching and Mentoring - This week's extract highlights the Yerkes–Dodson Curve and how it is key to find the 'anxiety sweet spot' when coaching.

Don't forget if you have a special request for a definition of a coaching term or principle, just let us know! Perfect for anyone studying for an ILM Coaching & Mentoring qualification, or as a refresher for experienced coaches.

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The Yerkes–Dodson Curve, originally developed by psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson in 1908, shows the relationship between urgency, anxiety, fear and performance. Performance increases with physiological or mental arousal up to a point which is sometimes called the ‘anxiety sweet spot’.

As arousal or stress increases beyond this point, performance falls. Coaching should provide enough challenge to enhance performance, but not beyond the sweet spot so that anxiety or fear sets in and it becomes counter-productive.

The process is often illustrated graphically as a bell-shaped curve which increases and then decreases with higher levels of arousal.

By Yerkes and Dodson 1908 - Diamond DM, et al. (2007). wikimedia.org

Taken from the A-Z Coaching Handbook by Clare Smale where you will find a comprehensive A-Z, plus a full list of references.

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