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5 benefits of achieving a qualification


We came across this article from Michael Meere of the College for Adults Learning and liked it.

Whether you are currently working or you are looking for work, you can never be too qualified for a job. With the ever-changing practices and information available to different fields of work, there are always new things to learn.

Getting a qualification will enable you to improve your standing within the workforce. Here are five awesome benefits of upgrading your education:

1. Expand your skillset

You can acquire new skills, as well as refreshing and updating your knowledge.
Although you may already feel confident in your current abilities, completing a qualification allows you to expand your current knowledge whilst learning completely new skills and gaining more experience.

2. Open doors to other courses and qualifications

After completing a qualification, you then have access to more courses and qualifications that have prerequisites. You could potentially finish other courses in a shorter amount of time. Therefore building your skills and knowledge even further.

3. Broaden your career opportunities

In completing further studies more career opportunities will open up, giving you variety in your career choices. Being qualified for a variety of different positions gives you more chances of finding a position that will suit your lifestyle. It not only benefits your career growth, but also shows potential employers you are eager to learn and grow.

4. Improve your chances of career progression

If you are currently employed, completing further studies also shows current employers what you are capable of and demonstrates to them you are keen for career progression. This then portrays you as someone who is persistent and willing to learn. This will encourage your employer to invest more time into your career and give you the opportunity to take on more responsibilities, leading to promotions and higher salaries.

5. Feel empowered

Aside from all these career and financial benefits, completing a qualification gives you sense of self-fulfillment and accomplishment. Benefits of getting a qualification will leave you more motivated in life as well as your career!
With perks ranging from personal and interpersonal, to financial and educational advancements, it would be hard to deny that it’s worthwhile investing your time into getting more qualified! Overall, benefits of getting qualifications will give you an advantage in many aspects of your life and you should jump to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.

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