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CMI Qualifications - the alternative to Apprenticeships


CMI management & leadership qualifications are a credible alternative to management apprenticeships

Why is this?

  • there is flexibility on the amount of work you take on - choices between Award, Certificate and Diploma at each level
  • you can choose whichever training provider you want - a wider choice that those on the Register of Apprenticeship Providers
  • you can choose your own timescale
  • you can choose your own units of study - bespoke a qualification to yourself
  • you achieve a qualification recognised on the Regulated Qualification Framework - a qualification well-recognised across industry sectors - by the private, public and charitable sectors alike

Should you consider a management apprenticeship?

In short, yes. Management apprenticeships are relatively new and growing in popularity. There are real advantages to going down the apprenticeship route - the over-arching one being that they can be free to those who are eligible to access the levy funds! Also, most people would agree that the apprenticeship standards are good.

It is important  to check the following before enrolling on an apprenticeship:

  • what timescale you will be committed to
  • what support your employer will provide for workplace mentoring and contributing to formative assessment
  • what the 20% 'off-the-job' training requirement will entail
  • what qualification (If any, it is not mandatory) will be embedded into the apprenticeship
  • what other things you will be required to study - e.g. functional skills and English & Maths, PREVENT


Management apprenticeships may be better for you if you cannot afford to pay for a qualification and are happy to work to the apprenticeship standard.

CMI management & Leadership qualifications may be better for you if you can afford to invest in paying for your own development (or has an employer who will pay) and want the flexibility of choosing your own study areas and timescales



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