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How a CMI management qualification can aid your career development


The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a prestigious body that offers management qualifications to managers and business leaders. The CMI management qualifications are approved on the Regulated Qualifications Framework. They can be completed in different ways including home learning and attendance at courses.

CMI management qualifications are suitable whether you are thinking of becoming a manager or if you are already be an experienced manager.

One of the most common questions people ask is: “Who should get a CMI qualification?” After all, management qualifications and CMI learning are not for everyone; they can be time-consuming and cost a lot of money. A key consideration therefore is analysing potential return on investment.

In order to answer whether a CMI qualification can aid your career development, you need to consider some of the potential benefits and how gaining a management qualification can enhance your professional reputation and improve your career prospects.

Benefits of CMI learning and management qualifications

The reasons for undertaking CMI learning and achieving a CMI management qualification are far reaching.

By gaining a highly reputable CMI qualification you have demonstrated professionalism and a commitment to your career and development. This will help you to stand out from those who have not achieved a management qualification. It will also make you an excellent role model to those around you; especially people you manage whose respect you have to earn.

You will gain increased knowledge & understanding about management & leadership and, importantly, its implementation in the workplace. CMI learning encourages you to critically reflect on manage practices and apply theory to practice. Studying a range of management tools, techniques and best practices gives you the depth and breadth of knowledge you need to assess how you can grow, change and improve your managerial performance.

You can ask yourself questions such as:

“How does my management practice measure up to the best practices I am learning?”

“How can this management model I’m learning about help me in my role? What should I be doing more of or maybe less of? What should I start doing?”

“When I start managing, what are the key skills and behaviours I will need to develop and use?”

Your studies will also help you gain increased confidence and belief in your ability to make a valuable contribution to managing and leading in your role and deliver those all-important results for your employer.

Achievement of the CMI Level 5 Diploma qualification or above will enable you to apply more easily for Chartered Manager status. This is the highest status awarded by CMI. It is recognised internationally throughout the public and private sectors and across all management disciplines. Qualifications demonstrate that managers have the knowledge; Chartered Manager demonstrates they have the expertise and track record to deliver results.

All of these benefits can give you an ‘edge’ in recruitment and selection processes. At the outset of a recruitment process, the CMI learning and management qualification you have done will show your commitment to developing your professionalism. That’s a great start in terms of first impressions. Also, imagine the scenario where you are on a final shortlist of two and the employer can’t decide who to appoint. You have a professional CMI qualification, and the other person doesn’t. The decision is more likely to swing your way.

The learning you have done will help you talk authoritatively about management practices in your application and interview. You will be able to readily provide examples of your competence as a manager. You will be able to discuss scenarios and explain how you will manage different situations that arise on a daily basis in workplaces and need to be managed effectively. You will be able to discuss in detail essential fundamentals such as what your management style is, how you approach different situations and how you deliver results.

The bigger picture driving the need for CMI learning and qualifications

The work landscape is changing and has been for some time now. Long gone are the days when people held ‘jobs for life’. Years ago, in many occupations, once your career got to a level that you were happy with you could stay there pretty much until your retirement.

In all sectors, for many, this era is long gone now. Personal development has always been important over the years, but it’s never been as crucial to career development and success as it is now.

Your goal should be to become a person of value, not just when you are starting your career, but throughout your life and career. If you want to be an excellent leader and manager, continuous development of your leadership and management skills is key. You will need to be able to be flexible and adaptable in the face of changing circumstances and priorities. CMI learning and CMI management qualifications can help.

If you don’t invest in yourself, why would you expect anyone else to invest in you?

Employers are looking for value. If you want to progress, get to the next level of your career or earn more money you need to be prepared to bring more value.

If you are not sharpening your management skills, learning better ways and constantly trying to improve yourself, you are not becoming more valuable to employers.

Today’s world progresses and moves at an incredible speed and businesses have to evolve at a matching speed or they will be left behind. In order to keep pace, organisations need individuals and teams that move them at the right speed.

It’s not good enough to finish your initial education and training and think that your education is finished, and you are qualified for life. That’s just the start. Life is about experiences, learning, progression and change. It is about continuous learning and keeping pace with the world, or being left behind.

The speed that leadership and management have been evolving in recent years has increased rapidly. Employers now demand that leaders and managers are agile, creative, solution-focused, flexible, adaptable and, of course, more ‘human’ than ever before.

The CMI Management Transformed research has identified some of the key managerial traits that are more important now than ever before. These are: honesty, empathy, transparency, listening skills and responsiveness to change.

With many teams working from home and more work being done online (or in a hybrid way), it’s also paramount for leaders to be able to look after the wellbeing of their teams, in fact ensuring staff wellbeing has been cited by the CMI as the most important role for managers to play now and in the future.

All of the above points to the fact that continuous development and investment in your management and leadership skills is absolutely paramount right now. Investing in yourself with CMI learning and management qualifications is simply one of the best decisions you can make in life.

Right now, the companies who are experiencing growth are looking for the best leaders and managers. The post Covid world will also be looking for top leadership and managerial skills and the competition will be stiff. So, if you don’t want to be left behind, you need to get ahead.

If you are an experienced leader and manager you need to focus on building on your existing skills, expanding your abilities and sharpening your knowledge. If becoming a manager is your ambition and you are at the start of your journey, you also need to focus on gaining knowledge, skills and abilities that will be key in the post Covid world.

The case for CMI learning and achieving a CMI management qualification is compelling.

Find out more about CMI learning and management qualifications

At Inspired2learn we have helped thousands of managers over 20 years achieve their  CMI Management qualifications. We can also answer those frequently asked questions about CMI learning and qualifications.

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