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ELCAS funded CMI and ILM qualifications for military personnel


Barrie Smale, Director of I2L Ltd (trading as inspired2learn) explains how distance learning can be the ideal way for military service leavers to achieve a widely recognised CMI management and leadership qualification or ILM coaching and mentoring qualifications.

CMI and ILM qualifications are a great way to demonstrate prior knowledge and experience gained in the armed forces, to organisations in the private, public and charitable sectors. We are proud to to support the ELCAS scheme by offering a range of highly reputable qualifications that can strengthen the career prospects of service leavers. It is extremely important that military personnel can be confident they will be getting great value and quality for their ELC funds.

Inspired2learn provides a distance learning package that provides these assurances:

  • be supported every step of the way, with unlimited tutorial support
  • have access to extensive on-line learning resources
  • gain a qualification listed on The Regulated Qualifications Framework, accredited by highly respected awarding bodies: Chartered Management Institute and ILM
  • timelines that are highly flexible to suit your own circumstances, including operational duties
  • flexibility - study when you want to and when it suits your other busy commitments – no requirement to take part in activities at set times
  • no entry test or other requirements - we will help you decide which qualification is best for you, based on your experience and aspirations
  • complete written assignment and receive results within 21 days of submission – no exams

Choosing the right qualification and training provider is a crucial decision. We are always very happy to speak with service leavers to provide impartial advice and guidance, with no obligation or sales pressure.

For CMI management & leadership contact Nina Murray - nina@inspired2learn.co.uk

For ILM coaching & mentoring contact Clare Smale - clare@inspired2learn.co.uk

Or call us on - 01380 609313   


Name: James Biffen

Rank: Major

Service: Army

Reason for enrolling on your course with us - Wanting to undertake some training that would be complementary to my future career as a teacher and that would be useful in future leadership and management roles.

Benefits in terms of career transition - Coaching course built upon my existing skills from my time in the Army.  The flexibility in the course allowed me to study using my Graduated Resettlement Time.  

Comments about quality of provision by inspired2learn - Excellent support throughout the course.  The four day workshop was extremely helpful.  I2L would provide very quick advice on my assignment as I progressed and face-to-face meetings with my tutor were also helpful to ensure I was doing the right thing.  I2L's location in Devizes is also very useful for anyone resettling from Salisbury Plain area!


Name: Paul Webber

Rank: Wing Commander

Service: RAF

Reason for enrolling on your course with us:

I started the ILM L7 in Executive Coaching  with I2L as part of my medium-term strategy to exit the RAF and become an Executive Coach.

Benefits in terms of career transition:

The ILM L7 in Executive Coaching provides a recognised and respected qualification in the competitive world of coaching and forms the critical path to enable my transitioning out of the RAF.

Comments about quality of provision by inspired2learn:

I have been really impressed with Clare Smale of I2L – the training has been enjoyable, informative and well-presented; moreover, the continuous support and encouragement that she offers has been excellent.


Name: Jo Wall

Rank: Commander

Service: Royal Navy

Reason for enrolling on your course with us:

  • The ability to enrol on a flexible learning scheme which was accredited through a recognised body (CMI)
  • Advertised in QUEST therefore recognised reputable product
  • Initial contact with inspired to learn was receptive and supportive to my individual requirement
  • Excellent value for money with cost covered by one ELC which was straightforward to administer

Benefits in terms of career transition:

  • Professional qualification (L7 in Strategic Leadership & Management) which is recognised by civilian employees
  • Ability to achieve chartered status with a professional body
  • Supported me in my new role as a strategic programme manager for the MOD
  • Can apply the learning to the civilian environment

Comments about quality of provision by inspired2learn:

  • The support has been outstanding and on point
  • Response to emails/queries/telephone discussions has been superb
  • Inspired2learn have responded to my learning need and provided me with the flexibility to change modules as my new role evolved
  • There was no pressure for me to complete modules within given timeframes which has worked as I transitioned from the Royal Navy and completed concurrent learning
  • Interactive on-line learning and access to CMI resources is fantastic as well as the module guides that are provided making learning varied and interesting
  • I have recommended Inspired2learn to several colleagues due to their training delivery method, how they understand the military environment and more importantly the support provided during a critical time of your career which carries significant pressure and uncertainty on an individual as they transition.


Name:  Dave Worden

Rank:   Left as Colonel in June 2017

Service: Army

Reason for enrolling on your course with us: ELCAS registered provider with strong positive feedback

Benefits in terms of career transition: Helping me move beyond my current experience as a leader by developing my ability as a coach.  This has allowed me to develop a variety of new skills and move towards a portfolio career model.

Comments about quality of provision by inspired2learn: The quality of the training and the level of individual support I2L have provided has been exceptional.  I have been given the right balance of time and encouragement to keep on track to achieve the qualification.  My tutor has a tremendous amount of personal experience as a professional coach and a deep theoretical knowledge of coaching; I am being trained by an expert who knows their subject in detail and can teach it extremely effectively.  I cannot recommend I2L highly enough.


Name: Anthony Pearce

Rank: Sergeant

Service: Royal Air Force

Reason for enrolling on your course with us: Flexible learning with direct access to CMI learning tools and resources, flexible payment options and a civilian recognised qualification.

Benefits in terms of career transition: Many of us have a great deal of managerial experience and knowledge whilst operating within the Military. By achieving a civilian recognised qualification, this solidifies and endorses the expertise we have and effectively promotes this to civilian recruiters.

Comments about quality of provision by inspired2learn: With numerous companies offering various management qualifications, I hit the jackpot with Barrie and his team at inspired2learn. From enrolment to completion I have received guidance and support throughout. Even to the point where a tutor was selected that reflected the time zone of my detachment to the Falklands, which led to easier contact with a highly experienced tutor that supported my questions. Overall, I have found Inspired2learn to be professional, patient, flexible and extremely patient and supportive required for supplying a service to military personnel. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Name: Patrine James

Rank: LCpl

Service: Army 

Reason for enrolling on your course with us: Found your course on the internet. I was happy with the reviews and also happy that the course was so local to me and I can use ELCAS.

Benefits in terms of career transition: I am hoping to be HR Manager and having a coaching qualification on my CV will help my chances of landing the ideal job.

Comments about quality of provision by inspired2learn: Quality has been great so far. My tutor, Clare, is very experienced and approachable.

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