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Why is it crucial to have a Personal Development Plan as a leader?


Why is it crucial to have a Personal Development Plan as a leader?

CMI management qualifications are all about the development of your leadership and management skills, and whether you are studying (or planning to) CMI Management and Leadership Certificate or Diploma at Level 3, Level 5 or Level 7 as part of your qualification journey you will be required to create your Personal Development Plan - why is this so crucial?

  1. We all have limited time available every day and having a clear idea about the skills and knowledge you need and want to develop allows you to focus on achieving what you need to achieve. Using the words of Yogi Berra “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else” - your PDP is your personal development roadmap and it will help you to ensure you are always on the right track on your leadership journey.

  2. The world evolves very quickly, business moves fast and as a leader or a manager you are required to respond to whatever is going on at any time and in order to do this your skills need to be evolving with your business and its requirements.

In some years the economy and businesses experience massive growth so it’s easy to focus your leadership skills on the management of success, but how would you cope with crisis management if you were not developing crisis management skills? 2020 has shown us that anything is possible so as a leader it is crucial to be able to lead your teams through the successful as well as the most challenging times.


  1. As a leader you are a role model. One of the key parts of any leadership or managerial position is for you to be able to inspire, motivate and develop your team and whether you are aware of it or not - your team will be looking up to you as an example.

Think about any inspiring leaders and you will find that one of the common threads between them all is leadership by example e.g., did you notice the world’s hugely positive response to Jacinda Ardern’s (the Prime Minister of New Zealand) deciding to take 20% pay cut in solidarity with everyone affected by the COVID19 crisis in her country? You need to walk the talk in order to show your team the importance of continuous development and if you don’t focus on your personal development - why should they?


  1. Play to your strengths whilst developing your weaknesses. The process of creation of your personal development plan will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and manager. Knowing your strengths will enable you to continue to build on them and utilise them in the most effective way and being aware of your weaknesses will provide you with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge you currently lack or have limited levels of. This approach will help you to become a more fully rounded and ready to lead in any situation leader and manager.


  1. Monitor and review your progress. Personal development plan is a fantastic tool that will help you to monitor and celebrate progress. This is important not only because it feels good and motivates us as leaders, but also because it really helps with career development. When aspiring for promotion or a new job, being clear on the progress you made and the skills and knowledge you gained will give you the ultimate confidence to showcase your learnings and take the step up to the next level.

Above, I outlined some of the key benefits of having a Personal Development Plan and reasons why it is crucial to have one if you are in (or aspire to) a leadership or management position, but let’s not forget that there are lots more reasons to get your PDP up and running right now:

  • Increased self-awareness (one of the most crucial leadership skills)
  • Better goal setting skills (key for any leader and team manager)
  • Clarity and ability to set realistic deadlines. Lack of clarity on where you are heading and lack of realistic deadlines mean that it’s very easy to drift, forget or delay your goals - not helpful at any stage of your leadership journey!
  • And of course, an excellent preparation for your CMI management qualifications!

Whether you are studying CMI management qualifications already, if you are considering to start your CMI qualifications journey soon, or if you are simply keen to learn how be a better manager and leader - personal development plan is an excellent tool to help you in your career.

Excited and ready to start your PDP now or learn more? Why not e-mail nina@inspired2learn.co.uk and get our FREE Inspired2learn PDP template you can start using straight away!

Career development top tip:

Did you know that CMI management qualifications can lead to you becoming a Chartered Manager?

Chartered Manager the highest status that can be achieved in the management and leadership profession and according to CMI research Chartered Managers boost their business revenue by £62k each year and £310k over 5 years!

And did you know that completing CMI Management qualifications and becoming a Chartered Manager leads to £13k Average pay rise?

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