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What's the point of doing a CMI Management & Leadership qualification?


"What's the point of doing a CMI Management and Leadership qualification?"

I was asked this very direct question by someone who called me this morning and told me she was looking at the CMI home learning qualifications details on our website. My response was that there are plenty of benefits to be had but, before answering, I wanted to ask her my own question:

"You are obviously considering undertaking some CMI learning and gaining a CMI qualification. May I ask you why that is?"

Her response was immediate. She wanted to give herself the best possible chance for gaining promotion to her next management position, having been overlooked a few times recently.

I thanked her for that insight. Now we could have a sensible conversation. I told her that what I felt we needed to discuss now was whether achieving a CMI management qualification would help her achieve that. Would there indeed be any point in her doing it? She agreed that seemed sensible, and a 35 minute conversation ensued. I actually went on to ask her many questions during this conversation. It wasn't for me to convince her that she should do a CMI qualification (actually, it was a CMI level 5 Diploma she was considering). Instead, she needed help to convince herself to either do it, or not bother.

There is no point in 'hard selling' a professional qualification. It is a lot of work and commitment. Someone must really want to do it in order to find the necessary level of motivation and enjoyment.

These are some of the questions I asked as we moved through our conversation:

  • You mentioned about being overlooked for promotions recently. What feedback did you get?
  • Has anyone told you that you need a qualification?
  • Are you looking to just tick a box to gain a qualification, or do you really want to learn and then apply that learning to your practice?
  • Will home learning suit you?
  • What time are you going to have to study?
  • Do you have a target date for completion?
  • Why a CMI level 5 Diploma? Is this the right qualification for you?
  • What alternative management qualification options are you considering?
  • Have you done any previous CMI learning or CMI management and leadership training or qualifications?

At the end of the conversation, I asked how she was feeling about undertaking a CMI qualification. She said that she had found the conversation really useful and thought provoking, and thanked me for my time.

She wasn't sure, and was going to go away and think it through more, do a little more research and also talk with a senior colleague who she respected. I sent her some more information to ensure she fully understood what is involved in achieving a CMI qualification and invited her to come back to me again with any further questions.

She may or may not come back and enrol with us. However, if she does, we've already started to build a great working relationship. She will also have made a well-informed decision and have the right level of motivation from the start.

Barrie Smale | Director | Inspired2learn


Edited 10.11.21




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