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Coaching Cards

By Clare M Smale

Clare's Coaching Cards - to coach yourself or others -  purchase here 


  • coach individuals or teams
  • have meaningful conversations
  • create a compelling future
  • develop goals
  • solve problems
  • identify steps and actions
  • have fun and be inspired                                                            

Each pack of Coaching Cards contains

  • 55 coaching questions that can be used in a wide variety of conversations at home, work, in business or elsewhere
  • 55 original photographs to stimulate thinking, problem solving and create engaging  coaching conversations

     Email clare@inspired2learn.co.uk to request a free booklet with ideas for using the pack to coach yourself or others.

Clare's Coaching Cards contain 55 original images and 55 coaching questions, presented as a pack of education cards (usefully larger than normal playing cards and still small enough to tuck into a pocket or bag).

The 55 coaching questions can be applied to any situation - at home, work or somewhere else.

A small selection of the photos is shown below.


Photos © Clare Smale, Kerrigan Redman and Mark Kent.


At just £15 per pack, they are great value for money! Buy now using your credit/debit card via Stripe.

Email enquiries@inspired2learn.co.uk to buy your Coaching Cards - pay by cheque, BACS. 

Email clare@inspired2learn to request a free booklet with ideas for using the pack to coach yourself or others.



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