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Learn to Coach - 4 day course


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Top up existing skills and knowledge
  • Advance your current coaching practice
  • Learn advanced techniques and the NLP coaching approach
  • Option to gain ILM accreditation (additional costs apply)
  • Meet other people from a wide variety of coaching backgrounds and contexts
  • Suitable for ELCAS resettlement
  • Help prepare for career transition
  • Take away useful and practical tips and tools


Option to follow-up with ILM Coaching and Mentoring qualifications accreditation


"Thank you for delivering a fantastic, engaging enlightening, no nonsense and thought provoking 2 day workshop. I honestly mean it. I thought it was excellent. In terms of a learning experience I couldn't fault it. The pacing, content, tone and environment you created was so conducive to learning. I learnt SO much and equally as important I have been inspired to want to learn more. You made me feel comfortable outside my comfort zone!!
It was great to be with such lovely and interesting people as well. I smiled to myself on the way home as I realised no one in 2 days realised that they literally had Tom, Dick and Harrie in the room!! Surely that's a first for you.

PS. My 80s T Shirt .... "Be the best version of me"..... I don't think I've been it for a while and the last 2 days have genuinely been a call to action for me to be that person again. Thank you" Richard May 2019


Course dates

Spring 2020 – Module 1 – 31st March and 1st April. Module 2 – 18th and 19th May

Summer 2020 – Module 1 – 1st and 2nd July. Module 2 – 4th and 4th August

Autumn 2020 – Module 1 - 7th and 8th September. Module 2 – 20th and 21st October

Winter 2020 – Module 1 – 10th and 11th December. Module 2 – February 2021


Cost: £495 – refundable when you enrol on an ILM coaching qualification with us


Testimonials for inspired2learn coaching skills courses

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the practitioner course. You are a very inspirational person and I enjoyed your teaching style and delivery enormously. The topic content kept me engaged and the timings were spot on. Julie, senior manager in a local authority


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the NLP Practitioners course last week. The week was packed with fascinating inspiring material, professionally and creatively presented.  Particularly evident was your comprehensive grasp of the techniques which, as the week wore on I began to appreciate more fully. The practical application of each task made the theory more memorable. Two things which struck me were firstly, the simplicity of some of the tools, such that I felt able to utilise the learning straight away in my normal life.  Secondly It was quite a revelation to me how little the ‘coach' needs to say in order to elicit extraordinary results in the ‘client'.  The key, it would seem, being the exact use of language and an appreciation of what not to say as much as what to say. Jane, Acupuncturist


Clare was great – very knowledgeable, very thought-provoking and extremely kind. Kelly


I thoroughly enjoyed the NLP for schools day, in particular the opportunity to work with other educational professionals but from different organisations. I came away feeling reinvigorated to try new techniques within my own training and inspired to learn more about the subject. There was a good balance of practical and discussion and all the little extras around the edges made for a great learning environment! I thought the format of having an optional extra at the end worked really well and I personally thought it was a valuable extra hour.  Many thanks. Jason, teacher


Just to let you know since the initial one day course I did a video interview and the witness initially refused to go through with the interview. I managed to persuade her to do the interview, but she was extremely nervous and spoke quickly. I used the coaching skills taught on the course and mirrored her physiology. I also slowed her voice speed down by using my breathing and gentle movement of my hand. Guess what, it worked, she relaxed and slowed down and the interview lasted 2 hours. Anon - Police officer


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