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Hay Leadership Styles


Hay Leadership Styles 

Everyone can recall their best manager – and their worst – and the specific things they did to boost (or dent) morale and performance. The Hay Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS) gives managers a chance to understand, and improve, their own style. The Hay Group has identified six styles that managers use to bring out the best in their teams. By matching the right style to a given situation, managers can make a positive impact on the business. The ILS gives managers a chance to understand their own style, reflect on whether it suits the situations they face, and make appropriate changes.

If you are undertaking a CMI management and leadership qualification or an ILM coaching and mentoring qualification, this tool can be particularly useful in units of study where you are required to reflect on your personal style and its impact and to help develop personal development objectives

Undertaking the ILS helps you:

  • understand which of the six styles you use most frequently
  • compare what you do with what their situation requires of you
  • get tips on when a particular style is more, or less, effective
  • start to think about personal development areas for action and improvement. 

 The six styles are - there is no one 'right' style - effective management and leadership requires the right style to be used at the right time :

  • directive
  • visionary
  • affiliative
  • participative
  • pacesetting
  • coaching

Use ILS to:

  • improve your effectiveness – widen your repertoire
  • help you respond better to business changes and to your team members’ needs
  • improve the work climate you engender around you, ultimately optimising performance and results

Download an example on-line version of the Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS)

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