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Transform Your Goals with VISION

By Clare M Smale

Available for Kindle, or buy in paperback direct from inspired2learn.

This book will give you a powerful vision of what you want - at home, work or any other area of your life. You will discover what works and use simple and effective tools to support and help you achieve your dreams and ambitions.
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Increase your effectiveness, achieve your goals and make things happen.
Take away and use a 7 step system with practical activities. The beauty of the VISION™ system is that the activities and tools can be used time and time again for different situations. The book provides step by step instructions, plus templates that you can use as many times as you like. 

The 7 steps in VISION have been presented to you in a way that can be applied to any type of goal. Big or small. At work, at home or in another situation.

‘This is a deceptively powerful book; it’s warm, inviting and fun to look at but actually it’s a tiger in lambs clothing. Clare has effectively trawled the minds of some of our greatest thinkers and distilled their wisdom in one place, then wrapped it in a logical, practical yet encouraging structure. Anyone seriously intending to realise significant change in their circumstances would do well to work through the methods described here. With just one word of caution – be careful what you wish for!’
Julie Starr, author of The Coaching Manual and Brilliant Coaching
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Why should you read VISION?

  • You will gain a new perspective on your goals, ambitions and dreams.
  • You will be able to state your goals in a way that is simple, clear, robust and powerful. 
  • You will work with your goals to develop a vision for the future you want.
  • You will gain over 17 practical tools that you can apply in lots of different areas of your life. Develop your skills immediately so that you can achieve the results you want or need.
  • All the activities are suitable for complete beginners and if you are a seasoned pro, you will be able to adapt them as much as you like.
  • You can apply the VISION system in any area of your life (at home, at work or in relation to your hobbies and interests), no matter what your situation.

Clare is a popular speaker and facilitator at a range of conferences and events, including the Vistage Speaker's Bureau and Unlimited Potential, both of which provide speakers and workshops for CEOs and business leaders.

To book Clare as a speaker for your event, for VISION workshops or to request your copy of the book, email clare@inspired2learn.co.uk or use the enquiry form below.

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