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ILM coaching and mentoring training with inspired2learn 

Learn to Coach in 4 weeks

A new on line and interactive course with inspired2learn

Tutor: Clare M Smale


Email clare@inspired2learn.co.uk

Call inspired2learn on 01380 609313


Key features: 

    • Enrol any time - no need to wait for a course start date
    • On line learning - start straight away
    • Flexible timescales
    • FREE student membership for the Association for Coaching for 1 year
    • Plenty of support materials for your learning, including online and a selection of coaching books for you


Learning Methods You will undertake a variety of activities each week, fully supported by your tutor. There will be reading activities, zoom teaching tutorials, you will be coached yourself and also complete a variety of short written reflective tasks. There will be compulsory core content plus optional extension tasks to stretch you. A certificate of attendance will be issued and updated each week, following submission of tasks and feedback from your tutor. You will receive FREE student membership of the Association of Coaching for one year, which includes additional resources to support you.

Enrolment – start any time - just get in touch (details at the end of this document).

Who can join? This course is suitable for all, including complete beginners to coaching. I will give you everything you need to start coaching professionally and ethically. It is your responsibility to recognise where you are on your personal coaching journey and use your coaching skills appropriately – I will give you advice and guidance. At the end of the four week course you will be asked to complete and submit a coaching profile and CPD plan to ensure that your learning and practise continues. You will be able to coach straight away, according your level of confidence and experience.

Timescales – this is a four week course, however there are no strict deadlines and you can take longer to complete if you wish. Each week is the beginning of a new learning module, which you can complete as quickly or slowly as you like. Flexibility means you can fit learning around your work and home commitments, especially with current pressures of COVID-19. Each week (or module) requires a minimum commitment to 10 learning hours. Remember you can spread this out over a longer period of time to suit your needs.

Pay as you go – pay the first instalment by BACS and then pay weekly by Direct Debit – you can opt out at any time. The learning materials and activities will be released to you each week after payment. The fee for the first week is £150 and £75 for each module thereafter. If you wish to have access to an additional e-learning platform for 8 weeks, there will be an extra one-off charge of £55 payable upfront. The represents great value for at least 40 hours of CPD!

Learning resources – you will receive three coaching books, either by Kindle, pdf or hard copy – you choose. You will be given access to weekly learning resources on line. This includes an extensive range of coaching articles, templates, research reports and practical guides. There will be contact with your tutor on line via group Zoom teaching calls (either live or recorded, depending on your availability). Your tutor will also be available during normal working hours by email and phone to answer your questions. You will receive everything you need to start coaching others and this course is suitable for complete beginners to coaching.

Assessment – you will be asked to submit learning tasks to your tutor for feedback and keep a log of your learning hours. A personalised and detailed certificate of attendance will be given to you each week as evidence of your learning hours and the syllabus that you have covered. If you complete all four modules, you will receive feedback on your delivery of real coaching, plus an introduction to supervision. There is no grading on this course. Instead you will receive personal feedback from your tutor to help you develop.


Add a recognised and regulated qualification – there is the option to add an ILM coaching qualification to your learning package. Additional fees apply and you can make this decision any time. Plenty of information about our full suite of ILM coaching qualifications is available on our website. https://www.inspired2learn.co.uk/training/2/ILM-coaching-mentoring-qualifications/


What you will learn (syllabus)

Week 1 – the difference between coaching and mentoring, advanced listening skills, the core skills, behaviours and knowledge required for effective coaching, CLEAR and GROW models, contracting, how to run a coaching session from start to finish. Take part in a 60 minute coaching call with your tutor (experience being coached). Cost £150.00


Week 2 – practical coaching tasks – practice real coaching and learn how to use zoom as an on line coaching platform, submit at least one coaching session to your tutor for feedback. You will need to find at least one person to coach. This could be a colleague, friend or family member who is willing to help you practise your skills. There will be further reading and reflection activities to help you to use a coaching model and coaching questions effectively. Cost £75.00


Week 3 – find out more about the coaching community and professional bodies and how they can support you. There will be further reading and reflection activities to help you to further develop your use of a coaching model and coaching questions effectively. Begin to explore other coaching tools, such as the wheel of life and Disney strategy. Cost £75.00


Week 4 – you will submit a further audio or video recording of a real coaching session for feedback from your tutor. Experience coaching supervision. Write your coaching profile ready to share with colleagues or clients. Prepare a CPD plan for your development as a coach for the year ahead. Cost £75.00


Total cost £375 (pay as you go)

Save 5% by paying upfront.



In response to Covid-19 and all the challenges we are facing, the inspired2learn team is fully committed to supporting you. Our thoughts go out to all our learners and clients across the UK and beyond during these unprecedented times.

Like you, we are all concerned by the disruption the coronavirus (COVID-19) is starting to have on our day-to-day lives, along with the potential impact it could have on our health, employment or businesses in the months ahead.

We’ve been inspired by the way communities have been pulling together to share information and resources in a caring and supportive environment. We will be offering new and free opportunities for our learners to come together remotely for peer support and additional tutorial help. We are also offering as much free coaching as we can, to support managers and leaders at the front line in the NHS and other key roles.

All of our distance learning qualifications are available for enrolment, with the same high level of remote support. Just get in touch to find out more. We want to help you if you are facing financial uncertainty and can offer low deposits to enable you to get started, followed by delayed payments or payment plan options. Our face to face events and trainings are on hold for the foreseeable future and we are getting creative about other ways to support our learning community and clients.

All of our ILM qualification programmes can be started any time and you can study anywhere. Our normal approach is to be in touch with us via email, phone, Skype or Zoom and this is unaffected by Covid-19. You will have plenty of personal tutorial help with a named tutor. We are also planning additional group support via zoom, so that you can meet fellow learners and benefit from additional human contact and peer support.

We look forward to hearing how we can help you to study and gain a qualification in rapidly changing and pressurised times.




We also regularly run bespoke coaching and ILM qualification courses to support companies and organisations. These are suitable for any level of experience. To find out more about a custom-made ILM qualification course in coaching and mentoring, call 01380 609313. You will get a prompt response with impartial and knowledgeable advice.


Top 9 reasons to gain your coaching qualification with inspired2learn

Discounts, payment holidays and payment plans are currently available to help you during the current COVID-19 uncertainty - just get in touch. Pay a small deposit and get started straight away.


1. You will receive expert tutorial and coaching supervision from a qualified, experienced and practising coach

2. You will receive unlimited*, prompt and expert tutorial support every step of the way, via telephone, e-mail and/or SKYPE.  You will have a dedicated named tutor from our team who is there to guide and advise you (*terms apply)

3. This is a reputable route to accreditation for both beginners and experienced coaches and mentors 

4. You can choose the exact ILM qualification that is right for you, and personalise your approach to learning

5. You have the option to add FREE workshop days in Wiltshire venues to increase your coaching skills and knowledge 

6. You will have the flexibility of choosing your own course timescale to fit in with your other commitments

7. Competitive prices and instalment payment plans if required

8. We have a proven track record of success helping people like you to achieve their ILM Coaching & Mentoring qualifications

9. Flexible study - plenty of on line support materials - no rigid requirement to log in to e-learning at specific times or complete specific tasks - you are free to choose the study methods and timescales that suit you best.


Examples of our ILM Coaching and Mentoring students

The brief examples below will give you a picture of the range of backgrounds and careers of our ILM students. All of them are currently coaching managers within their organisations or working as independent coaches. 

  • Eva is an independent leadership coach working in a variety of sectors. Whilst studying for her ILM Level 5 Certificate Eva was a people development manager in a large law firm. She has now gone freelance and runs her own coaching business.
  • Martine is a PGCE programme leader at a University which has a growing internal coaching pool for staff. She is part of a larger cohort of lecturing and support staff who are undertaking their ILM Level 5 qualification. Other people in the group include Robert who is a Mental Health Support Coordinator for University Students and Jonathan who is Head of Technical and Production Services. Karen and Ann are managers of Student Accommodation Services, whilst Pandora is the job shop coordinator.
  • Jan, Helen and Anthony are both primary school head teachers in Gloucestershire, Essex and Wiltshire.
  • Kira and Penny both work for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.
  • Lisa is a learning consultant and programme lead for leadership development in a global security and aerospace company.
  • Andrew is a Post 16 team manager, whilst Tanya, Clare and Kay are senior social work managers in a Local Authority.
  • Alexandru is a Hungarian national working for a global telecommunications company in Prague.
  • Ben, Cliff, Dave and Kate are all officers (current or recent) in the armed forces (military police, army and RAF) who are using their ELCAS resettlement to part fund their qualification
  • Giselle and Natalie are both senior leaders in primary schools and are qualifying to coach school managers as part of the CoachMark process
  • Karon is a learning and development consultant in a large law firm. Karon has recently completed the ILM Level 5 Certificate and is coaching extensively within her law firm as well as supporting the implementation of a coaching culture in the L&D strategy. Laura is a senior manager in another large law firm in central London, responsible for the large team of legal secretaries.
  • Mark, Darren, Glen, Paul and Liz are senior police officers balancing their studying with extensive operational duties and varied shift patterns.
  • Katherine is a GP and senior partner in a busy and large city practice in Leeds.
  • Jo is an HR business partner


Get in touch

Email clare@inspired2learn.co.uk or call inspired2learn on 01380 609313


ILM qualification courses reviews

"Loved everything about the training, the group, Clare’s leadership and guidance of the sessions. Have learnt so much and have so many techniques to use now. Compared notes with a colleague who has been doing her training through our organisation and she is gutted! She said they have just flogged GROW to death with no additional techniques to use alongside it! So fired up!!" Sally, February 2020

"The programme exceeded my objectives. It delivered a terrific balance between theory and pragmatism. The tutor kept us healthily engaged throughout and always offered opportunities to further our own learning or pass on the output from recent seminars that she had attended. The best thing about this course was the way in which it was run. I work for myself. The programme has provided me with both the knowledge and the confidence to approach any business with a coaching offer. Friendly, informative, challenging and all with excellent support in place. Thank you" William, September 2019

“I really enjoyed the 4 days spent with Clare and our wonderful cohort. Clare is full of knowledge and experience that will benefit any coach regardless of the amount of experience you have. The course was full of amazing content and kept us engaged and thinking from the moment the course started to the moment it finished. The course was an ideal mix of theoretical explanation, practical application of tools and models together with the invaluable advice that Clare can offer you. Cannot compliment Inspired2learn enough” Steve, January 2019

"I went to a networking workshop event with another provider last week and it became apparent that we receive far more support from Clare at inspired2learn than other students who are studying for ILM 5 and ILM 7 with alternative providers – so a huge thank you, Clare. One of the workshops was an introduction to NLP and again, it became clear that we had much more NLP input from Clare's workshops." Bill, November 2018


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