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We are proud to have clients from all over the UK and beyond. Many of our clients have worked with us for over 15 years and we very much appreciate and enjoy our relationships and partnerships. In addition to the list below, our distance learning clients live and work all over the world, including Armenia, Cyprus, India and UAE. Scroll down to read a few of our client testimonials.


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"As you know, I have loved working with you and really looked forward to the stimulating workshop days.  The resource materials you provided were always immaculate and offered an excellent grounding in the subjects we covered – a perfect springboard for further research. You have a real skill in bring the material alive, keeping us engaged and constantly supported us to apply the theory to real life work scenarios.  This made the CMI Level 5 Diploma genuinely useful and relevant to my practice.   As I said in my presentation, the Diploma has strengthened my confidence and has definitely helped me become more reflective as a practitioner – I have realised that this brings much more satisfaction and meaning to my work, and I have begun to see a way to better integrate my need for a greater emotional and spiritual dimension with mainstream employment.  I really did feel inspired to learn, a cheesy comment which you no doubt hear often, but true! I have also been really impressed by the way you interacted with all of us students, always ensuring everyone was participating, and maintaining a fabulous balance between being ultra professional and yet keeping your lovely light touch. Clearly you have a LOT of experience in leading group of diverse individuals, some of whom you will of course have a more natural affinity with, but you didn’t let that affect your leadership – hey, a great example of what we were studying man!  Yes, very impressive restraint and professionalism… Look forward to seeing you in May, I will encourage our manager here to support the next Diploma course." Lottie, South Gloucestershire Council 



"Hi Clare, Good to hear from you. Yes some good impacts from my coaching sessions with I have followed through on all (or at the very least most) of the agreed outcomes. In terms of my project the big move forward is that it is now more than just me. If I was to be run over by a bus it would still function. We have shared the mission and values along with our model of high quality mentoring with all the mentors and got some very positive feedback. Jon, Jay and Annette lead the meeting and I only interjected to clarify points. We also were part of a bigger mentoring conference last week and Jon, Jay, Ben H and Annette all ran workshops I only introduced the various presenter. I think we are altogether clearer about what we stand for and the processes that underpin this. In terms of work/life balance I think I have been able to give a lot more time to Elaine and that has been good. We are working hard on our finances and the house and hopefully the foundation is ready for a new stage in our life. In terms of my work with Mike H (my mentor) that is also going well both in terms of having a senior officer in my corner but also he has given me some great insight as to how I am viewed by other within the council. We are currently working on a 360 to get more views on how I operate." Steve


"Completing the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership course has given me a real confidence boost and enabled me to gain insight into myself and the way in which I communicate with others influences decisions and outcomes. Being able to put some of this into practice has enabled me to look at the individuals within my team and their own personalities to ensure I am getting the best from them, maximising the use of their skills. I have built delegation into my work routines, which has enabled others to progress and has freed up time for me to be able to concentrate on my most important areas of work rather than feeling overwhelmed at the extent and number of tasks I give myself. A course which should be recommended to any Manager." James


"I am a qualified ILM level 5 Coach with a number of year coaching and mentoring experience. I manage the Wiltshire Police coaching and mentoring provision. Our coaching programmes use ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring qualified coaches and delivers coaching across all levels of the organisation. In order to enhance our internal coaching provision, Wiltshire Police looked to expand its’ internal coaching pool.  We had worked with inspired2learn (Barrie) some years previous on management development programmes. We had always found inspired2learn to be an extremely professional company  and very supportive of candidates in our  CMI leadership and management development programmes.   I invited Clare to tender for the coaching training programme which was to start in the summer of 2016. The programme delivered training for 10 coaches and utilised the ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring qualification. Throughout all the preparation, training delivery and progressing the candidates through the qualification, Clare delivered  high standard work. The training delivery feedback from all the candidates highlighted the high quality of Clare’s work with both individuals and the group. Clare has been very flexible in her training, assessment and supervision of the candidates over this period of time.  Clare has been supportive and encouraging, being ready to use a wider circle of coaching provision to help with our candidate’s progress and development. Clare has also been keen to support our wider coaching pool when meeting informally with other internal coaches. I   would have no hesitation in inviting Clare to deliver further coach training and qualifications"Andy


"Inspired2learn have been successfully delivering the Council’s accredited management development programme at level 3 and 5 for twelve years. Each year we have run a programme at both levels for our managers. In recent years, as the programmes credibility grew, we have opened the programme to our neighbouring authorities and to B&NES NHS. Each programme now has a mix of delegates from different services from within our Council, and also from other external public sector organisations which makes it a richer experience for the delegates and more challenging for inspired2learn to deliver. Inspired2learn have also trained and accredited an internal cohort of coached (ILM Level 5) and have been delivering our PDR training to all staff across the council for the last three years. Many teams have commissioned additional development events and coaching as required.

Clare and Barrie are outstanding trainers/consultants and are people with whom we have built an excellent working relationship. They make the time to get to know and keep up to date with the changing structure/culture/vision/priorities of our Council. They willingly come along to meetings and briefings, in their own time, to do this. They are open to feedback about the programmes and to refocusing them as our needs change. When requested for information, reports, updates etc, they always deliver these on time. Their approach to client “relationships” is excellent, leaving you with the view that you always get “added value” when working with them.     

As the tutors to many programmes, they are engaging, reliable, extremely knowledgeable and professional, always making themselves available to delegates outside of the workshops and are particularly supportive of those who may be struggling. At the same time they have a firm and demanding approach with the delegates, making it clear what the expectations are from the programme and that these are non-negotiable. Over the years we have had nothing but very positive feedback from the delegates about their style and approach. Inspired2learn are very highly respected by those who have taken part in programmes over the years, many moving on from level 3 to level 5 because of their positive experience.

The benefits and impacts for the Council from these programmes are significant. Firstly a cadre of confident and competent managers, many of whom are identified as our most talented and capable for the future. The work based projects the delegates deliver over the course of their programmes have contributed significantly to service improvement, service change initiatives and the effectiveness of service delivery." 

I recommend inspired2learn unreservedly. Chantal Young, Senior HR Consultant, Bath & North East Somerset Council


"inspired2learn have been delivering management qualifications for aspiring and current managers in North Somerset Council since April 2007. Having worked with a range of colleges and consultants in this field over a ten year period inspired2learn are, by far, the best in regard to listening to our needs, developing customised support, responding quickly to queries and taking the time to support individual delegates. Customer care is exemplary. We have regularly evaluated the courses that inspired2learn have delivered and feedback has been excellent throughout. Delegates report that Barrie is approachable, professional, engaging and adept in his delivery of sessions and provision of support outside of the formal sessions. I have been particularly impressed with his ability to manage group dynamics and engage with a number of 'difficult to please' delegates. As a result of training, managers and potential managers report an increase in confidence and a true sense of achievement from completing the qualifications. Individuals have delivered assignments that make a real difference to the teams and services in which they work and have been able to apply the knowledge learnt to enable more effective change management within their work areas. I would highly recommend inspired2learn as a provider of management development programmes."

Julie Mansfield, Learning and Development Manager , Corporate Training Team , North Somerset Council






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