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Terms and Conditions

Data Protection

By enrolling on your qualification course with inspired2learn, you give us permission to share your contact details, and to share work you submit to us for assessment with our Awarding Bodies (the Chartered Management Institute and Institute of Leadership & Management) and associated regulatory bodies. This is to enable them to fulfil their accreditation and quality control processes.


Your statutory right under the The Consumer Contracts Regulations, 2014, allows you seven working days from the date we start you on your programme (ie. when you receive confirmation that you have been registered with the Awarding Body) in which to make a written request for cancellation. This can be by email or letter. If you cancel within this period, we will return in full any fees you have already paid.

Fee Payments

Study fees must be paid according to the payments schedule agreed when you enrol with us. We will only register you with the Awarding Body on receipt of your full payment or agreed first instalment.

When payment has been agreed by way of an instalment plan, you agree to make the required payment on the dates agreed from the outset, via direct debit. In the event of a payment not being received, we reserve the right to withdraw our services and cancel your enrolment.

After enrolment, all course fees and additional resources fees paid are non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances, partial or full refund, or a credit note, may be issued at the discretion of the inspired2learn Directors. However, to demonstrate our confidence and reassure you of our commitment to you, we have a money back guarantee*. We promise that if for any reason you are unhappy with the level of service and support from us during the first month of your enrolment, we will refund to you in full all fees you have already paid.

* To be requested in writing (e-mail or letter) to an inspired2learn Director, with details of how our service has not met your expectations; specifying events, dates and names of our staff as applicable.


You will agree with us your own personalised schedule of assignment submissions and course completion date. You will need to have completed and passed your final assignment at least one month before the end of the registration period for your qualification.

The registration periods for CMI qualifications are as follows:

Qualification designation CMI registration period Time we will provide unlimited tutorial support Note: you will still be able to submit assignments for assessment by us up to one month before CMI/ILM registration expiry date
Award 1 year 6 months
Certificate 3 years 9 months
Diploma 3 years 18 months
Extended Diploma (only levels 5 & 7 3 years 24 months

The registration period for all ILM qualifications in coaching and mentoring is three years.


General support and obligations

Inspired2learn undertake to fulfil all features of your study programme published on our website at www.inspired2learn.co.uk. Included in the basic price package for all our qualifications:

  • a telephone and/or e-mail conversation with you to ensure the qualification and method of study is right for you
  • an induction pack that will give full details of the qualification, sources of study materials, our administration processes and assessment guidelines
  • assignments and written guidance for completing them
  • a named tutor - available for unlimited support via e-mail, telephone* and Skype
  • access to the ILM or CMI on-line learning resources
  • assessment, moderation and certificate   

ILM candidates will also receive the following:

  • two published books about coaching 
  • unlimited telephone coaching supervision, arranged according to need
  • access to inspired2learn's extensive library of coaching articles, templates and assessment support materials

Your tutor will always:

  • provide you with a minimum acknowledgment response to your enquiries within 24 working hours (e.g. if Friday, by following Monday)
  • provide you with a full response to your enquiries within 48 working hours (e.g. if Friday, by following Tuesday)
  • notify you of their dates of holiday and other unavailability, and what tutorial cover has been arranged during this time
  • be prepared to arrange telephone/skype appointments during normal office hours, Monday - Friday – you will be asked to call your tutor

      Note: evening and weekend contact with your tutor is not part of the package, but may be offered at a tutor's individual discretion.

inspired2learn will:

  • assess and moderate your assignments in line with the requirements of the Awarding Body, and within agreed timescales
  • be available during normal office hours, Mon-Friday, 9am - 5pm throughout your programme to answer basic administrative queries you have about your programme of study
  • provide access to learning resources
  • issue your Awarding Body certificate to you on successful completion of the qualification


If there is reason to believe you are involved in malpractice, Inspired2learn will conduct an investigation according to CMI and/or ILM policies and procedures. If you you are found guilty you may not be allowed to continue with your qualification course and any completed assessments up to the time of the malpractice incident may be discounted. The CMI/ILM and relevant regulatory bodies will be informed. Fees already paid will not be refunded, and any outstanding fees will remain due for payment. Malpractice can include:

  • Plagiarism - failure to acknowledge sources properly and/or the submission of another person’s work as if it were the Learner’s own - including copying and pasting from the internet
  • Collusion with others when an assessment must be completed solely by individual Learners
  • Copying from another Learner
  • Impersonation - assuming the identity of another Learner or having someone assume your identity during an assessment
  • Inclusion of inappropriate, offensive, discriminatory or obscene material in assessment evidence. This includes vulgarity and swearing that is outside of the context of the assessment, or any material of a discriminatory nature (including racism, sexism and homophobia)


If you have a complaint, concern or criticism about any services we offer, please contact Barrie Smale at barrie@inspired2learn.co.uk


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